Offering fresh, exciting and relevant travel content – from exhilarating destination features that will inspire users to travel, to updates about the trendiest hotels, attractions and events around the region.

Website features

Website Design

Custom design based on clients needs.


Responsive design that detects screen size and orientation and changes the layout accordingly.

Custom WordPress CMS

Built on WordPress Content Management System (CMS) using the Genesis Framework.

Group Travel Kits

Users can invite people to collaborate on a travel kit to collect articles together.

Live Widgets

Each destination has a widget displaying local time, currency and weather forecast.


Programming based on approved design.

Custom Mobile Design

Additional focus on the mobile interface including custom menu and home page design.

User Accounts

Ability to signup to the site with email or Facebook and create a profile and account.


Once logged in, users can save articles to travel kits and share these with friends.

AirFi Export

Ability to export an offline version of the site for use on flights without data.

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